Baza Nurkowa "Zamek" w Łagowaie




Lagow and around

Welcome to Lagow - place with a unique charm and atmosphere. This small town located in the central part of Lubuskie, just off the national road number 2, Świecko - Warsaw. Lagow, due to its tourist attractions and natural enviroment, has been called the "Pearl of the land". It's still the honorable name confirmed by guests who come here from different corners of Poland and Europe. Lagow is also a place of art. Artists associated with the visual arts, film and music, has the inspiration and the inspiration for their work here.

The biggest attraction of Lagow is its scenic location. Town is situated on an isthmus between two lakes – Trześniowskie and Łagowskie. Its values attracts not only lovers of swimming, but fishing enthusiasts and scuba divers in the summer season. The whole is surrounded by nearly 3.5 thousand. ha of forest Lagowski Landscape Park, along with its constituent nature reserves. The presence of forests and their high position, in relation to the areas adjacent to them, affect the climate, which is one of the mildest in Poland. Moreover, the microclimate has a positive effect of on the human body, as confirmed by the results of scientific research. Since 1974, Lagow is classified as a potential place of resort.

Lagow also captivates its sights. In the heart of Lagow is the medieval Castle of the Knights, which is also a showcase town. This building was recently converted into a hotel, open throughout the day for visitors. It is also possible to enter the 35 meter tower castle, with panoramic views for the Lagow and the surrounding area. Right next to the Castle of the Knights is the eighteenth-century Church of St. John the Baptist, a small park and a 50-year-old amphitheater. In the shadow of the tower are located pre-war houses and two gates - Polish from the fifteenth century and sixteenth-century Marchijska, which for several centuries marked the boundaries of the village. Another attraction for visitors is Sokol Mountain, elevation of the well-preserved traces of early medieval forts and remnants of the old cemetery. There is also a historic railway bridge built in 1909, about 25 meters high. It is also worth mentioning two structures, which dominate the landscape of Lagow - Radio and television towers, tall at 80 and 328 meters.

Lagow has to offer not only the attractions of a tourist and historical, but also culturally. Every year, at the end of June, held here Lubuskie Film Summer, the oldest film festival in Poland. Its program includes films, as well as panel discussions and seminars with the participation of the audience and filmmakers. The ongoing series of events since May under the slogan "Music at the Knights," is dedicated to lovers of classical music. In early July, Lagow is the biggest attraction for two-wheelers lovers who come here from the whole Poland and abroad to take part in the festival "Rock, Blues & Motorbikes." Throughout the year, especially during the summer, you can get here on a variety of concerts, exhibitions and cultural and sports events.

Visitors can benefit from a wide range of accommodation, which consists of local hotels, guesthouses, campsites and camping grounds. Lagow is also well prepared in terms of other needs. There is a number of shops and food outlets: restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants and canteens. For people who wishes to actively spend their free time there are numerous beaches and water equipment rentals. The most popular in Lagow are water bikes, but it is also possible to rent a kayak or a boat. Seasonally, there are open diving schools and centers. The shoreline of lakes and forests surrounding it, is a great place to visit on foot and by bicycle. Welcome!

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