Baza Nurkowa "Zamek" w Łagowaie





Hello to all. We invite you to our Diving Center in Lagow. The Diving Center is open daily from 9.00 am to 6.00 p.m. If you are interested in a night dive, in the late evening the center is open by appointment. If you do notdive yet we have especially for you program Discover Scuba Diving, which is one one time diving. If you want to get first course we encourage you to do the Open Water Diver. We also urge you to increase yourskills in the following PADI courses and specialties. We also encourage you to familiarize yourself with our underwater attractions, the route for discovers - gnomes anda boat wreck. We offer the two training platforms for instructors. We also recommend diving on the carbon wall and limestone wall, where we do transfers. Welcome!

Contact us:
- Joanna: 504 700 653
- Adam vel Ahmed: 508 951 513

Best wishes

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